Application For Entry and Exit Vietnam

“Application For Entry and Exit Vietnam” is a form issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. It is a kind of paper stating Vietnam visa applicants’ requested visa type, purpose of entry, and staying duration in Vietnam.

Who need “application for entry and exit Vietnam”?

Previously, the application is a must when foreigners arrive at Vietnam airports. Right now, according to the latest announcement on “Vietnam Immigration Declaration to be abolished”, those foreigners who enter Vietnam through Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airport are no longer required to fill in the form. Those who enter through Da Nang airport, however, are still required to do.

Following is the detailed guidance on how to fill in the “application for entry and exit Vietnam”

  •     You fill in the blank with your exact full name shown in your passport
  •     Your date of birth noted in the format dd/mm/yy
  •     Applicant’s sex noted in passport
  •     Place of birth (the country where applicant was born)
  •     It is imperative that you note your current nationality
  •     If you are applying for Vietnam visa yourselves, then it should be ordinary passport. For other passport types, please kindly check Vietnam visa exemption page to see whether you can get visa exemption to Vietnam or not.
  •     Optional
  •     This item requires you to note your phone number and the address in your home country.
  •     In case you bring along children of under 14, and it is share the same passport with you, it is necessary to note down the information about the child. In this case, the child(ren) are not required to have its/their own application for entry and exit Vietnam
  •     Your registered purpose of coming to Vietnam. For example tourist, or business
  •     The proposed duration of your staying in Vietnam, normally you should note the validity as shown in your passport.
  •     Note single entry if you are not planning to exit the country during your staying in Vietnam, otherwise it should be multiple entry.
  •     As this form is currently applied for those who enter Da Nang airport only, it should be noted “Da Nang” for this item
  •      In the section of “done at”: please note your port of arrival (only Da Nang is currently applicable)

In the section “on”: applicant should note the date of arrival

Applicant should ignore the footer line of the form as it is only applied to those who are going to get visa at Vietnam Embassy.


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