Quality of direct flight Hanoi – London Gatwick

Vietnam Airlines is the only airline which offers direct flight from Hanoi to London without transiting in a third country. Thus, it only takes about 12 hours in comparison with 15 to 19 hours journey if you travel with Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways or Qatar Airlines. Shorter travelling time helps passengers, especially elders and children less tired and reduces the possibility of leg swelling.
Service was provided in flight at acceptable standard. Breakfast was served one hour after taking off. Cabin crew did their jobs well at meal and drinks time. They were friendly and provide extra food on request. The food was fine with two choices at each meal. The staffs came around and ask to refill drink constantly. However, the crew disappeared after the meal. They shut the window and turned off cabin lights until the next meal. I hardly saw a member of the cabin crew for hours. It seems that the crew were sleeping or taking a rest in their cabin.
In general, the flight was fairly smooth. Both departure and arrival were on time. Seats were comfortable for me – 1m60 female during 12 hours one way and 13 coming back. However, the aircraft Boeing 777 were outdated with lots of broken screen, seat and arm rest. My friend’s entertainment system did not work and this is a common problem in flight. Selection of films is limited, only 5 choices of film which is not very up-to-date. Actually in my outward and return flight, films are the same. Rest room was dirty and facilities need to be refurbished. Landing was smooth and our luggage was received promptly. We would fly long haul with Vietnam Airline again if they offer good price in promotion time.
(Source: http://www.go2vn.com/2013/06/quality-of-direct-flight-hanoi-london.html )


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