Vietnam visa on entry for Guam identification holders

Agreeing the last strategy managed by Vietnam Immigration Department, Vietnam visa on entry for Guam natives is presently appropriate. Be that as it may, to get Vietnam visa on entry, Guam subjects may as well request Vietnam visa support letter before takeoff.

Generally, to get Vietnam visa, Guam subject can head off to Vietnam Embassy to do all prerequisites there. Then again, because of the present regulation of Vietnam Immigration on Vietnam visa for Guam, an insurance letter is needed by the Embassy of Vietnam. As a rule, the visa demands of Guam residents are dismissed even with assurance letter.

Therefore, Vietnam visa on landing is the best choice for Guam who wish to enter Vietnam. By asking for visa on landing, you solicit our surety administration for Guam international Id holders while they are dwelling in Vietnam. To request Vietnam visa on entry for Guam, you can apply online for Vietnam visa. This visa sort is particularly advantageous for customers who enter Vietnam via air. In stead of set to Vietnam Embassy, or sending your identification to anyplace, you recently require stay at home, and complete visa demand online rapidly. The entire procedure of getting visa on landing for Guam is 2 business days at the most extreme. In earnest cases, Guam international Id holders can ask for pressing or super-pressing administration to get visa in time for their flight to Vietnam.

Steps to request Vietnam visa on entry for Guam natives:

+ Submit visa requisition online or send items of your identification and flight to underpin message:

+ Proceed installment for visa endorsement charge (please point Vietnam visa charge for Guam international Id holders page)

+ Receive affirmation about accurate time of accepting visa endorsement letter.

+ Receive visa endorsement letter

+ Present your Guam identification to get Vietnam visa on landing in hangar


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You can get a Visa to Vietnam by applying at Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in your country or ordering a visa service at a Travel Agent. Vietnam visa | Vietnam visa fee
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